Jerrold L. Schecter


Sacred Secrets, How Soviet Intelligence Operations Changed American History
Secrets, never to be unveiled, from Soviet intelligence archives reveal the role of high ranking American officials in supporting Soviet foreign policy goals that led to Pearl Harbor and atomic espionage.

Special Tasks, The Memoirs of An Unwanted Witness --A Soviet Spy Master
By Pavel and Anatoli Sudoplatov with Jerrold L. and Leona P. Schecter

"Historians will put the details of this autobiography through the meat grinder for years before accepting or rejecting them. But as a portait of a mental and political climate it has rearely been surpassed.He is a thoughtful Stalinist who understood the maneouvres of the 1940s and who did dastardly deeds in Stalin's name."
--Robert Service, The New Statesman

The Spy Who Saved The World
By Jerrold L. Schecter and Peter Deriabin

"This book is more than an engrossing spy story. Its abundant new evidence of Soviet leaders' thinking about nuclear weapons, military power and diplomacy should provoke fundamental revisions in some of the more popular interpretations of the Berlin crisis and the Cuban missile crisis."
--Lieutenant Genearl William Odom, former head of the National Security Agency

The Palace File: Vietnam Secret Documents
Selected as one of the New York Times' best books of the year, 1986

"A fascinating acerbic, and valuable account of international diplomacy at its darkest." --Kirkus Reviews

"The Palace File focuses on one of the most lamentable and least known subplots of the Vietnam War:the tumultuous period from the final withdrawal of US troops in 1973 to the fall of Saigon in April 1975. Co-authored by a prominent American journalist and by one of the closest advisors of President Nguyen Van Thieu, this book is based on more than 30 previously unpublished letters from Presidents Nixon and Ford to the South Vietnamese leader. The theme of broken promises underlies the letters and the book; above all,the explicit and repeated commitment by the two American presidents (and by their Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger)to sustain South Vietnam after the Paris Peace Accords-a commitment that was never honored...Compelling reading." --Sunday Telegram (Wooster, MA)

Selected Works

Seventy years of hidden Cold War secrets reveal the struggle between the Soviet empire and the United States.
"The most sensational, the most devestating, and in many ways the most informative autobiography ever to emerge from the Stalinist milieu."
--Robert Conquest
How A Soviet Colonel Changed The Course Of The Cold War
The remarkable story of the secret letters from Nixon and Ford to the president of South Vietnam, and the American promises that were never kept